Updating ceiling fans

Like no-turning-back-til-the-perfect-one-smacks-me-in-the-face kind of hunt. I know ceiling fans get a bad rap for being all “womp-womp”, but the one we finally chose has turned out to be the cherry on top of our living room. We’re working on that.) Once this fan was installed, it was like a brand new room in here. I know the paint and furniture helps a lot but that little piece of ceiling candy is somethin’ else. All of the other rooms in the house are absolute chaos with stacked boxes and scattered tools and Rubbermaid bins exploding all over the place, but I’m so relieved to have a space where we can escape at the end of the day.

updating ceiling fans-43

It’s necessary for the times the oven starts smoking in the kitchen, the smoke alarm is going off, and opening the windows and flapping the kitchen towel just isn’t cutting it. I started by taking off the glass covers – you just squeeze the metal pieces inside and pull the glass off: Next up – to figure out how to get my lamp shade to stay on the fan.

The shade hangs lower than the glass shades did, by about five inches I'm guessing?

And no I’m just working with the mindset of “if I was going to sell this house (or had just bought it), I would touch up the paint right there, or change out that knob”… Tiny little things that make a huge difference in how you feel about a space. I’ve been living with this shiny fake brass ceiling fan in the office for almost five years now: Which was on my list of “I hate it, gotta change it” right when we moved in. It has just languished and hung there, its greenish-gold finish taunting me, day in and day out, for the past half-decade. Where I work on my computer every stinkin’ day of the year?

and then just going ahead and DOING IT, right then and there.

Matt took the fan down for me, and he also strung it up from a tree in our backyard, like this: This makes painting all sides SO much easier. It’s much, much better and I’m very happy with how it came out!