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However, it retains broad restrictions on content that is "contrary to the principles of Islam or offensive to other religions and sects" and "matters leading to dishonoring and defaming individuals." The legislation also establishes a government-appointed commission with the power to decide if journalists who contravene the law should face court prosecutions or fines.Critics of the law have alleged that its prohibition of "anti-Islamic" writings is overly vague and has led to considerable confusion within the journalistic community on what constitutes permissible content.Are any mosquitoes evolving with delayed-action stings or reduced sting secretions so they can drink blood without the threat of imminent death?

E-type derailers do not provide any adjustment other than the high and low limit stops, and rotation around the bottom bracket.

The primary bicycle usage refers to the special bottom brackets used on better tandems and some other cycles, which allows the bottom bracket to be moved slightly for purposes of fine-tuning chain length.

A tandem synch chain runs between two bottom brackets, and the front bottom bracket is usually mounted in an eccentric.

The common law record includes every document filed and every order entered.

The Record on Appeal may be limited to less than the full common law record if the parties stipulate for, or the trial court, after notice and hearing, or the reviewing court, orders less.