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With Jamie Dornan spanking and kissing Dakota Johnson, there's no doubt about the two developing a deeper relationship.This led to several rumors such as a scandalous affair between the "How To Be Single" actress and the "Anthropoid" actor.While he appears closed off at first, Christian’s character becomes endearing as he slowly lets Anastasia into his emotional world and lets her heal him.There's no doubt about the intensity of the scenes created in "Fifty Shades Darker" and probably, the lead stars were having a hard time controlling whatever emotions are in need of control.Hollywood sources previously claimed that the director and author even rowed about the final word in the film, with Sam favouring 'red', a 'safe word' used in the bedroom by the protagonists, and James insisting on 'stop'.

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Lesson #1: Single-Minded Attention Christian, the main male character, wants Anastasia, the heroine. His attention and sexual energy does not dissipate when other gorgeous women enter the picture. This attention is extremely intoxicating to many women especially nowadays as society says that it is okay for men to give vague interest to a woman.By living a purposeful life through daily growth and challenges, you can become your best self which will lead to intentionally attracting a similar partner.Lesson #3: Willingness to be Vulnerable Living a life filled with abuse and trauma led Christian to take everything into his own hands and focus on succeeding.However, despite various rumors connecting Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, and the secret affair ongoing, the two admitted that they only share an amazing relationship."Fifty Shades Darker" has shown such powerful acts that get every viewer carried away.